InResST® Recycled Nylon

​The ocean cleaner



Low-carbon and low energy consumption

Protection of marine animals



Brand Introduction


Human activities in the ocean is unlimited, yet the self-healing ability of the marine ecosystem is limited. InResST is a low-carbon, environmentally friendly company that focuses on the feasibility research, development, production and promotion of ocean plastics used in textiles. InResST recycled nylon staple fiber products are mainly derived from ghost fishing nets, generated by deep-sea fishery activities, recycling by the mechanical way . which are then produced by a zero-carbon factory. Its performance is very similar to virgin nylon and can be directly applied to all types of yarns and fabrics. Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions, reduce dependence on oil, protect marine life, protect the marine environment, and clean up microplastic pollution in the ocean . We hope to cooperate with environmentally-conscious brands and manufacturers to develop, innovate, and work together to protect the environment as well as the ocean.


Ghost  Fishing  Nets


Recycling of ghost fishing nets is just the new beginning of all the products of InResST.

While the fishing nets enter the end of their life cycles, we encourage fishery participants to bring back the used nylon nets as much as possible by purchasing them on the market. We then give these ghost fishing nets a new life cycle.


Making  Chips


Making chips by physical method.

After the ghost fishing nets are brought into the factory, they are made into sparkling clean Chips (PA6) through the modern and efficient assembly line.


Yarn  Spinning


Blend nylon fiber, and producing yarn.

We develop yarns mixed with yarn with various composition ratios from the used nylon fiber being blended with cotton yarn, viscose, polyester, acrylic, wool, etc.




Yarn is weaved into fabric or knit into garment.

We use these yarns to make T-shirts, Hoodies Sweaters, etc.

The  Process


01 _ Recycling
InResST™ recycling system starts by reconstructing the recycling system of ocean plastics. We start by reclaiming nets used in deep-sea fisheries and offshore aquaculture, as well as rope material from shipping operations.
02 _ Regeneration
InResST™ recycling series products are produced by the efficient, scientific production mode of zero carbon factories through physical recycling, physical modification, etc., making the nylon ghost fishing net into recycled nylon section.
03 _ Production
InResST™ recycled nylon is processed into yarns and polymers by zero-carbon factories, which are used to make clothing textiles, household goods, toys and other series.
04 _ Application
Clothing brand manufacturers use InResST™ recycled nylon to create brand new products, opening a new chapter in the textile and apparel industry

For each ton of InResSTTM raw material produced

in comparison to virgin nylon we can save:




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